SpaceUp Barcelona
SpaceUp Barcelona


This schedule is provisional. If minor changes occur, the table below would be updated.
09.00-09.30 Registrations + coffee
09.30-10.00 Opening Ceremony
10.00-10.15 Antoni Paz KIM, ESA's Broker in Spain
10.15-10.45 Coffee + Grid filling
10.45-11.00 Marco Bressan Anaerobic Data
11.00-11.30 José Mariano López Urdiales - Eduard Diez The Revolution of Commercial Microlaunchers
11.30-12.00 Grid Sessions
12.00-12.15 Juan de Dalmau Working at Europe's Spaceport and Living in French Guiana
12.15-13.00 Grid Sessions
13.00-13.15 T-5 Talks
13.15-14.45 Lunch
14.45-15.00 Elisabet Canalias Design of Interplanetary Trajectories or How to Rise to New Challenges in Space Exploration
15.00-15.15 Paola Castaño Sociology of Science on the International Space Station
15.15-16.15 Grid Sessions
16.15-16.45 Coffee
16.45-17.00 Group Picture
17.00-17.30 Space Fun
09.30-09.45 Armengol Torres Space Outreach Initiatives. An Overview
09.45-10.00 Ariadna Farrés From Surfing waves to Surfing in Space
10.00-11.00 Grid Sessions
11.00-11:30 Coffee
11.30-11.45 Licia Verde The WMAP Satellite and Studying the Universe… from Space
11.45-12.00 Angel Ramirez GTD, Tailoring Critical Solutions for the Aerospace Sector
12.00-12.15 T-5 Talks
12.15-12.30 Jordi Barrera Open Cosmos, Re-thinking How Space Missions are Developed and Implemented
12.30-13.15 Grid Sessions
13.15-14.45 Lunch
14.45-15.00 Amaya Gamarra The Ariane 6 Control Bench Family
15.00-15.15 Closing Ceremony